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Chasing Joy

How did Chasing Joy get its name?


Joy is about being in the moment, experiencing great delight and happiness brought about by something extraordinarily satisfying.  Joyous people look for the good in every situation - which is a real skill.

Curiosity is a natural by product of joyful learning.  If there is one thing we want for our children it is to be curious about the world around them; to be able to live in, and appreciate being in the moment.


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Who are the owners?

Chasing Joy Early Learning is a privately owned centre in the beautiful community of Beachlands, Auckland.


We are Matt & Amy Fergusson, a family of five including our daughter Ella, and two sons Levi and Koby.  We are New Zealand locals born and raised and as a family we love all things outdoors and this tends to be focused on hiking and the beach.  Matt surfs and all our kids have boards and love going out in the water with Dad. 

Chasing Joy is our only preschool.  When we walked into the centre for the first time we knew it was somewhere we would love to send our own kids too.  That is why our youngest Koby will be coming along to the centre with mum. 

Look forward to seeing you soon

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49 Mahutonga Avenue, Beachlands, Auckland

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