Our Rooms

Motutapu Room

Under Two Children

The Motutapu room is calm, nurturing and familiar to our children and their families. Strong reciprocal relationships and communication with our children's families are key to supporting their transition into the centre, and their routines from home as best we can. This means that our children know what to expect and therefore are happy, confident and settled within our space and ready to learn and play alongside others.


We know under two children learn through exploring with all of their senses, therefore in the Motutapu room provide the children with a range of sensory play experiences - this often means lots of messy play which is a favourite of both our children and teachers. 


Our days are spent exploring, building, creating, singing, dancing, cuddling, listening to stories and being outside on our playground or in the sandpit. To put it simply, we allow ourselves and the children to choose and chase joy.

Motukaraka Room

2-3.5 year olds

In the Motukaraka room we provide a wide range of learning experiences and projects.   We take our lead from the interests of the tamariki and seek to stimulate their learning journeys, building upon all the knowledge and skills they bring from home. There is always lots of fun, smiles and laughter too, whatever the weather both inside and out.

Rangitoto Room

3.5 - 5 year olds

There is always something on the go in our Rangitoto room.  Our tamariki take on a leadership role in their own learning, with plenty of support and encouragement from our wonderful teachers.  

Children in this room are thinkers, explorers, testers, dreamers and creators and we couldn't be more proud of them!